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We are building a unified Pet iD platform to make your pet parenting experience smart, secure & rewarding through the lifetime of your pet.

Pet Care & Safety

Simplify daily routines while ensuring your pet's security with microchipping.

Routine Management

Get rewarded for all your interactions with your pets and claim discounts.

Lifetime data safety

Pet microchipping opens doors to safe journeys and exciting adventures with your pet.

Responsible Ownership

Join a network of responsible pet owners, contributing to a safer pet community.

World of Superr pets

Make Your Pet's
Unique Identity Social

Superr Pets is on a mission to simplify how we understand, interact, co-exist
and build relationships with animals through our lives.

Scan or Tap for updates

Get a personalized online profile and a unique identity for your pet.

Manage ownership of multiple pets by multiple parents

Activate your PetQR and track location of your pet with Scan or Tap.

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Unlock The Power Of Superr Pets Platform


Unite in caring for seamless pet management as co-parents.

Pet Documents & Medical Records

Effortlessly keep track of medical records, documents to ensure your pet's optimal well-being with confidence.

Manage Multiple Pets

Superr Pets makes managing multiple pets simple, safe, and stress-free.

Transfer of Ownership

Seamlessly transition pets between owners and adoption agencies for their forever homes.


Streamlining the adoption process to bring you closer to your new joyful companion.

Lost & Found
New Update

Unite in caring for seamless pet management as co-parents.

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Secure your Pet’s Life today

Become eligible for insurance, never lose your pet & save on unexpected expenses.

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Claim free Superr Pets Tagg with Pet Superr Powers

Discover an amazing collection of pet-themed GPS linked Personalised QR Codes to track your Pet's Interactions.

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Pet-Parents who Love Superr Pets

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Testimonial Author Image with their pet

Amazing! Just Amazing. These guys have created something awesome and its absolutely free. Love my Dog's profile. We also got Cece microchipped with Superr Chip.

Varsha Manohar
Dog Mom, Bangalore
Testimonial Author Image with their pet

Love the idea. It's a joy to connect with other pet parents in the community. Thank you for making pet ownership easier and more enjoyable!

Gouri & Arun
Dog parents, Pune
Testimonial Author Image with their pet

Interesting concept. Now i can share my Dog's details easily with anyone and have something unique for him. I love them a lot and love to talk about them. I'm really happy with my Superr pets Experience.

Shreya B
Designer, Bangalore
Testimonial Author Image with their pet

Being an animal enthusiast, I can say that it's a powerful tool for us to create profiles for the animals in our care, helping them find loving homes. Permanent identities ensure these animals are never forgotten.

Shruti Tyagi
Permaculturist, Delhi
Testimonial Author Image with their pet

Love the idea. Having a shareable and fun way to introduce my Pets with the Scannable PetQR. This is pretty damn cool. Recommend every pet parent to do this.

Photographer, Bangalore
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